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If your business uses cars, vans or trucks, the Hess Fleet Card can make your job easier. With the Hess Fleet Card, you get control, security, convenience, quality fuel and service. Apply for your fleet card and better your business today.


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Fleet Card Features and Benefits


With the Hess fleet program you decide if cards are issued to a vehicle or driver. With our line-item detailed reporting, you know exactly who purchased what, when and where with your company funds. You can set limits on how much drivers are allowed to spend and direct limits to reset automatically on a daily or weekly basis.


Cards can only be used at the point of purchase and require a 4-digit driver ID for authorization. In real-time you can add drivers, vehicles and cancel cards with just a few clicks of the mouse.


With the Hess Fleet Card, you can view and download purchase information and manage your account at your convenience using our Online Account Management feature. Our customer care representatives are also available to you 24/7/365 at 1-877-368-7587.

Hess is the leading gas and convenience store retailer on the East Coast with 1,360 locations in 16 states. Click to download a list of card acceptance locations.

Tax-exemption is available to qualified customers. Simply provide us with proof of your fuel tax-exempt status and we'll deliver up front tax-exempt billing on gas and diesel purchases. No waiting for rebates or refunds.


More Services

GPS Services

Harness the power and precision of GPS technology, and have complete command of your company's mobile assets in conjunction with our partner, Fleet One, we offer GPS services, where you can expect:

For more information about GPS services, call Fleet One today at 866.517.2537.

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